Get your stories straight! Rat on your friends! Get your friends arrested! Lie! Cheat! Steal! Just get caught!

Once again we’re playing Cops & Robbers, only this time in a new venue. … The game’s the same – if you want to be arrested, get your mug shot taken.


Electricity Play party

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve moved locations to Plan B!
I’m grateful they will allow us to continue our night in an inclusive, supportive environment that welcomes all walks of life.

This month will feature Electro-play class:
9:00 Display and describe different methods of Electicity Play, Safety measures and options.
10:30 Karcus will host an ElectoPlay station for people to experiment and experience.

Do you want to play? You are welcome to bring your toys and use the available equipment with consenting partners.

There are plenty of people who want to play!

Come – Learn – Play!

This night will be Black Light intensive so plan outfits accordingly.
$10 Dressed to Theme
$15 Otherwise

Kinky Krusaders

Join the Kinky Krusaders at Sabbat de Sade‘s Super Hero / Villain Comic Character theme.

Do you want to get suspended by rope and fly like a super hero?

Have you seen how much fun this is?
Do you want to try?
This is your opportunity! Karcus will be doing rope suspensions all night. Come early if you want your chance to fly and don’t miss the fun.

Sabbat de Sade is an adult playground where kinksters can come play. In addition to suspension frames, there are 2 crosses for people to use.

Available toys include;
violet want,
leather cuffs,
collars, and
Bring your own toys to use.
If you don’t have yours, you can use ours.
Ask one of the hosts if you’re curious and want to try something.

All experience levels welcome

Dress code stricktly enforced. Dress to Impress
$10 Dressed in Theme
$15 Otherwise

Candy Land

Candy Land returns as our most popular theme. Dress up & come play.

Two St Andrew’s Crosses,
Suspension / Bondage Frame,
Floggers, paddles, canes,
Various Leather Bondage Gear,
Electro-stimulation (TENS Unit, Violet Wand, etc.), and
plenty of Rope for all to experience and experiment with.

$10 Dressed in theme
$15 Otherwise

Bring a partner and/or make new friends!

8:00pm  – Doors open
10:30pm – Karcus will be hosting interactive demonstrations and exhibitions.

This is a private event. General public who did not plan to attend will not be permitted entry. This is to protect our privacy and keep our space safe and comfortable. 

Fetish Fairy Tales

Sabbat de Sade is a monthly adult themed party where the sexiest people come to play. This month is Fetish Fairy Tales where all your fantasies can come true.

Mark your calendars and join us as we celebrate our 9 year anniversary party!!!

We’ll have live demos beginning around 10:00-Midnight.
Topics to include;
Rope Bondage,

We’ve accumulated a lot more toys and rope over the last few months which will be available for use with permission. We’ve been teaching a lot of classes on different toys to use.

Dress code strictly enforced!
$10 Fairy Tale Character
$15 Otherwise
$20 Denim! No exceptions!

Please, mind your manners. Anyone who isn’t polite will be asked to leave.